No one knows exactly how many people attended the Azusa Street revival. We never will. A. G. Osterburg said that during the summer of 1906, the daily crowd exceeded 1200. Some were on the inside and many more of the outside looking in. If this is accurate and considering the duration of the revival and the curiosity attached to the mission in its waning years, it is not inconceivable that the attendance reached beyond 10,000. As I said previously, we will never know.

However, it is our goal on this site to list as many participants as are known. This list is a work in progress, we have many, many names that we haven't had opportunity to add. New names will be added regularly as time becomes available. Eventually, we want to add a link with some biographical information on each person if any is known. Click here to learn how to help us build this list. We also want to add as many photographs as possible.

You may click any name highlighted in blue to read a brief biography or the Azusa Street connection. Check back often for more names and more personal histories.

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Anderson, Fred

Asbery, Richard

Asbery, Ruth

Bakewell, Hazel (Corum)

Bakewell, Lawrence W.

Batman, Daisy

Batman, G. W.

Bartleman, Frank

Boddy, A. A.

Boehmer, E. J.

Bosworth, F. F.

Brass, Maggie

Britton, F. M.

Brower, K.

Campbell, Brother

Cashwell, Gaston B.

Catley, Lawrence

Clark, Otis G.

Clum, Clara

Condit, Louise

Cook, Glenn A.

Corum, Lillie Harper

Cotton, Emma

Cotton, Henry

Craton, Sister

Crawford, Florence

Crawford, Mildred

Durham, William H.

Edwards, Adam

Eldridge, George N.

Evans, G. W.

Evans, Jeanie

Evans, May

Farrow (Farrar), Lucy

Fisher, Elmer Kirk

Fisher, Robert

Frodsham, A. W.

Gail, Frank

Garr, A. G.

Glover, Kelso R.

Gortner, J. Narver

Gray, Elizabeth May (Heath)

Gray, Frank

Greene, Harriet

Griesinger, Fred

Hall, Anna

Hall, Lee

Hezmalhach, Tom

Hill, Rev.

Hill, Mrs.

Hopkins, Sister

Horton, Harry S.

Horton, Myrle (Fisher)

Horton, Stanley M.

Huff, Etta A.

Johnson, Andrew G.

Judy, M. Ella

Junk, Thomas

Junk, Mrs. Thomas

Kenyon, E. W.

King, Brother

Kirby, Annie E.

Knapp, Mrs. S. P.

Kring, Mrs. J.

Lake, John G.

Leatherman, Lucy

Lee, Edward

Lee, Irish

Lee, Mattie

Lemon, Mr.

Lemon, Mrs.

Lum, Clara

McAlister, Harvey

McConnell, T. W.

McGowan, W. H. Mrs.

McGowan, S. Henry

Mahler, Thomas P.

Manley, William

Mason, Charles H.

Mead, Ardel K.

Mead, Samuel J.

Miller, Lulu

Montgomery, Carrie Judd

Morse, Harry

Orwig, A. W.

Osterberg, Arthur G.

Page, S. D.

Parham, Charles F.

Parham, Pauline

Parham, Sarah (Thistlethwaite)

Parker, William

Pendleton, William

Post, Ansel H.

Price, Viola

Prince, Mrs.

Ryan, M. L.

Sargent, Phoebe

Seymour, Isaac

Seymour, Jennie Evans (Moore)

Seymour, Phillis

Seymour, Van W.

Seymour, William Joseph

Scott, R. J.

Sizelove, Josey

Sizelove, Maude

Sizelove, Rachel A.

Sizelove, Snowdie

Smale, Joseph

Smith, Amanda

Smith, Edward F.

Smith, Hiram

Strand, Evangelist

Studd, George B.

Taylor, J. M.

Thomas, G. H.

Throop, I. May

Trainor, Sallie

Valdez, A. C.

Vinton, Mary E.

Warren, Joseph A.

Weaver, Mabel Atwater

Wettosh, Sister

Wiley, Ophelia

Worrell, Adolphus S.

Williams, Ernest S.

Wyant, Mrs. Mae

Check back soon, we are just beginning this list and have dozens (perhaps hundreds) of names to add, plus as time permits we will add brief biographies and photographs where they are available.

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