G. W. Batman

G. W. Batman is first mentioned in the October 1906 edition of Apostolic Faith . He was instrumental in the healing of a 21 year old man. The man suffered from epileptic seizures for many years. His mother brought him to the meeting. Witnesses said he was so "wrecked in mind and body" that he was semi-conscious. Batman ask the Lord to cast the demons out of the man and he was completely healed. The man got up from the floor and testified to God's power. He also went home rejoicing according to the report.


The paper also said Batman was "called to Africa." In December, 1906, the Apostolic Faith said Batman, his wife Daisy, and three small children were in New York on the way to Monrovia, Liberia, Africa. Previously they had stopped in Topeka, Kansas and ministered for C. E. Foster ( Apostolic Faith , Feb.-March 1907) The couple are called "tried and true" workers who were endued with power and had the gift of healing.


One of the Azusa participants paid most of their fare to Africa. The contributor asked God for a sign and saw a lamb that was tied. When he loosed it, the shekina glory filled the room. This was interpreted to mean he should send the missionaries.


With nothing more than their fare, the Batmans started the journey by "faith." Liberia at the time was called the "white man's graveyard. Batman had a vision of Liberia and described it to S. J. Mead who had been there and Mead said it was a "perfect description."


The December issue also had testimonies by G.W. and Daisy. Both had experienced salvation, sanctification and the Holy Ghost baptism.


The Batmans traveled with Julia Hutchens, her husband, and Lucy Farrow. The group left England in December 1906 enroute to Africa. (Apostolic Faith , January 1907).


Unfortunately, G. W. and his entire family perished from disease very soon after their arrival in Liberia. Only God knows the sacrifice of the earliest Pentecostal missionaries. Their rewards are in heaven must surely be great.


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