E. J. Boehmer

Edward John Boehmer was born in 1881. In 1900 he moved to Pasadena, California to be close to a sister, Anna. Anna was not well and needed his care. He served as a gardener at the Peniel Mission in Pasadena. Sometimes he assisted with ministry there.

Boehmer was a friend of Frank Bartleman. According to Bartleman's How Pentecost Came to Los Angeles , the two prayed together and shared a burden for revival in Southern California. Bartleman called Boehmer "a wonderful man of prayer."

Of German descent, Boehmer became convinced that the revival at Azusa Street was real when he heard someone speak fluently in his native tongue. He received the Holy Ghost baptism at Azusa in August 1907.

Later, Boehmer journeyed to the southern United States where he aligned with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) and evangelized throughout Appalachia. He died in 1953.

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