The Complete Azusa Street Library - All Twelve Azusa Street Books


The Complete Azusa Street Library

Complied and Edited by Dr. Larry E. Martin

The Complete Azusa Street Revival is a set of 12 books about the historic Pentecostal Revival. The books cover every aspect of the revival. The first book is a biography of William J Seymour and a history of the revival.

Volumes 2-4 are testimony books. Each comtains eye witness accounts of the revival.

Volumes 5-7 contain writing from the revival. Volume 5 is the sermons of William J. Seymour. Volume 6 contains teachings from the revival and letters written from the mission. Volume 7 is a book that Seymour wrote on the doctrines and practices of the mission.

Volumes 8-9 are from the skeptics. Volume 8 is articles from religious periodicals that were critical of the revival. Volume 9 is newspaper articles from the Los Angeles papers.

Volumes 10-12 are the works of Frank Bartleman, a participant in the revival.


1. The Life of William J Seymour and a history of the Azusa Street Revival

2. The True Believers

3. Saved and Sanctified

4. The Chosen Vessels

5. Azusa Street Sermons

6. Azusa Street Lectures, Lessons and Letters

7. The Doctrine and Discipline of the Apostolic Faith Mission

8. Skeptics and Scoffers

9. Wild and Weird

10. From Plow to Pulpit

11. Azusa Street Missionary

12. How Pentecost Came to Los Angeles


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