Wild and Weird

Edited by Larry Martin

This book is one of a kind. Nothing similar has ever been published.

Wild and Weird is a collection of newspaper artilces from Los Angeles, California from 1906-1909, during the Azusa Street Revival era. Every article (from a number of local newspapers) is directly related to the early Pentecostal movement. William Seymour, Charles Parham and many other pioneer Pentecostals are mentioned.

The reader will find descriptions of the Azusa Mission, Joseph Smales' New Testament Church and other early Pentecostal missions. There are descriptions of the first Pentecostal Campmeeting. Learn about the arrests of early Pentecostals for disturbing the peace and lunacy.


The book has over 200 pages with a number of photographs from the newspapers and other related Azusa Street photos.


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